20 March 2010

You may decide to embroider your fabric. Milene Nemes has added beads and sequins to a vintage look print which she used to make a clutch bag when she was studying with me at Central Saint Martins on Vintage Clutch Bags and Framed Purses 

Milene Nunes made several clutch bags, each one beautifully sequined and beaded.

18 March 2010

Each student studying with me this term on 'Vintage Clutch Bags and Framed Purses' has made a clutch bag with inside pocket and magnet fastener, a small zipped coin purse and a framed purse. The clutch bag and purses in this picture were made by Paula Johnson who has beaded her quilted coin purse.

5 June 2009

Alison Warkcup made this matching clutch bag and framed coin purse whilst studying with me on Vintage Bags and Framed Purses. This was a term-time evening course which ha

3 June 2009

These two wooden handle bags were made by students studying with me on Design and Make Vintage Fabric Bags at Central Saint Martins. Both bags are beautifully lined and put together with a minimal amount of hand stitching. Chandra Doshi works with me on my bag making courses introducing students to the college's industrial sewing machines.
A large selection of handles including this pair of wooden handles are also available from Joggles.

This wicker handle is available in pairs from London based Josy Rose Haberdashery Boutique and is perfect for the types of bags made on Design and Make Vintage Bags and Purses at Central Saint Martins. Josy Rose also sells acrylic and bamboo handles.
Sometimes you can pick up vintage handles at charity shops, car boot sales and vintage fashion fairs. I found this pair of beautiful vintage handles at 'The Shop' in the Brick Lane area of London. 'The Shop' is also a great place to buy vintage fabrics but call first to make sure that they are open.

2 June 2009

The cross prongs on this metal handle can be un-screwed and re-screwed to attach or replace the fabric part of the bag.
This beaded purse handle is from Thai Supplies on Etsy and would be perfect for the types of bags that we will be making on 'Design and Make Vintage Fabric Bags' at Central saint Martins. Thai Supplies also sell purse frames.

13 May 2009

Helen Saxty is featured here using wooden beads for the handle of the bag that she is making on 'Design and Make Vintage Fabric Bags'. These beads can be bought at Beadworks which is very close to college, has a shop in the USA, an easy to use website and online shopping in Japanese. http://shop.beadworks.co.uk/catalogue.asp

12 May 2009

I have made this purse with a basic easy to work with metal frame which has loops on which to attach a handle. I have used the hand embroidered corner of a vintage table cloth for the main part of the purse. The handle is made from a piece of the same table cloth but I could have chosen to make it from a string of beads or a chain. http://www.ahkwokbuckles.com/pufrdo.html
The stitch-in frame that I have used for this hand embroidered coin-purse is from Sunbelt Fastener in the USA. If you prefer to buy from a UK supplier, Bags of Handles import from Sunbelt Fastener and stock this frame. http://www.sunbeltfastener.com/PurseFrames1.html
SUNBELT FASTENER is a supplier that I have bought frames from and can recommend. They have a huge selection of frames including 'gate frames'. This coin purse is made with a vintage 'gate frame' that I picked up at the Sunday Market in Brighton. If you have booked to study with me on Design and Make Vintage Fabric Bags this summer, you will learn how to make this style of vintage purse. http://www.sunbeltfastener.com/PurseFrames4.html

10 May 2009

BAGS OF HANDLES not only sells a selection of purse frames including internal frames, but also has a wide range of plastic and wooden handles that are perfect for the types of bags that are made on my summer school course Design and Make Vintage Fabric Bags.
Internal Hexagon Opening Frames are available from most of the suppliers on this blog including U-Handbags. http://www.u-handbag.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14&products_id=177
This beautiful bag was made by Meg Herbert who studied with me last year on Vintage Bags and Framed Purses. She has made it using an 'internal hexagon opening frame'. If you would like to make this type of bag but do not yet know how to use a sewing machine please check out my summer school course Vintage Clutch Bags and Framed Purses at Central Saint Martins.

PURSE CHAINS can be purchased from most of the suppliers on this list. The chain in this picture is from U-Handbag and perfectly matches one of the U-Handbag purse frames. http://www.u-handbag.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13&products_id=590

1 May 2009

On Vintage Clutch Bags and Framed Purses at Central Saint Martins we will provide the glue to attach your purse to it's frame. Should you wish to purchase glue to work with at home, Gutermann Textile Glue HT, available from U-Handbag, is the best product to use. http://www.u-handbag.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15&products_id=109
This vintage 1950's evening bag with chain handle has a matching coin purse. When choosing frames, you may want to consider making a set like this one, in which case be careful to choose frames that match and compliment each other. If you would like to add a handle be sure to buy a frame with loops.

28 April 2009

You will be provided with a pattern for this type of purse frame on 'Embroidered Needlepoint Purses' at Central Saint Martins.


23 April 2009

SUPER-I is a wholesale supplier with factories in China and Taiwan. The frames featured on their website are of the stitch-in variety but they state that they have many more so it may be that they also sell glue-in frames. http://www.super-i.net/bag-frame.html

LAND OF ODDS is in Nashville Tennessee and has a selection of antique style frames of the stitch-in variety. http://www.landofodds.com/servlet/Categories?category=PURSE+FRAMES

22 April 2009

AH KWOCK BUCKLES is a wholesale supplier of handbag hardwear based in Hong Kong. Their range of metal purse frames are simple, classic shapes that are easy to work with. This is the type of frame that we will use on Vintage Clutch Bags and Framed Purses at Central Saint Martins. http://www.ahkwokbuckles.com/pufrre.html

UMX is based in America and has several different antique style frames. This particular frame is also available from Sunbelt Fastener and Bags of Handles. http://www.handbagsupplies.com/cat/purse-frame-ct1-14.htm